Women in IT: Interview with Gamingtec Finance Specialist

Interview with finance specialist at Gamingtec

  • How long have you been working in the company?

I have been working in Gamingtec for more than three years already. This is my third job, and I am absolutely satisfied with it.

  • Tell me about your previous working experience? Where did you start your career?

I got my first job in a German bank right after graduation from the Academy of Banking.* Then, I got a position at Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” audit organizations in the world. It seemed to be a brilliant start of the career, the Ukrainian banking system and the economy was developing rapidly, so it was challenging and interesting at the same time. I have been working at Deloitte for two years, and I developed a lot of skills which later came in handy for my work at an IT company.

  • Why did you change your job?

I wanted to feel a startup vibe. I applied to Gamingtec, a small company with big ambitions, passed an interview, and joined a team. IT is a perspective field that gives a chance to young ambitious people to fulfill themselves as professionals and innovators.

In big companies young specialists usually feel themselves as a small cog in a large machine. At Gamingtec, on the contrary, I can participate in the building of the whole financial system. A lot of operations and reports were done manually at the very beginning, and we found a way to automate most of the processes. It is exciting to witness the growth of the company, its transformation to a big player in the iGaming market.

  • Are there any differences between working in IT and banking?

Yes, these areas are quite different. Working in IT, a finance specialist should be more flexible and learn to adapt to an ever-changing environment. He/she should not only bear their direct responsibilities, but also understand how to collaborate with developers, arrange tasks, and explain necessities to technical specialists. For example, our Finance Department collaborates tightly with the Development Team, and that means that they can help us find technical solutions that meet our demands and the process will go fast without prevarication or delays.

  • Is it hard to work in male environment?

There are four girls in our Finance Department, so we do not feel outnumbered. There is no difference between men and women professionally, to be honest. The matter is whether you are a good qualified professional.

Sometimes, it may be complicated to find common ground with developers because most of them are quite reserved. In this case, you need to look for the correct tone of voice to approach them. You develop your communication skills. However, this situation can happen in any environment, regardless of gender of your co-workers.

  • How do you grow in your career?

Right now, I am studying at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course. I have already passed nine exams. I started this education at Deloitte and when I switched to Gamingtec, I decided to continue my studying. I am determined to finish this education; I study by myself without attending lectures. This is my way of self-development.

  • What are your hobbies? What are you interested in except studying?

I am keen on traveling and extreme activities. I have already tried diving in Egypt and skydiving in the Alps. By the way, it was challenging to complete a parachute jump. First, I applied with this idea to the Gamingtec Educational Foundation (the winner of this competition receives a fully paid training course in any field of human activity) but unfortunately, I took the second place. I even thought it was a sign for me that it was too risky, and it was better to skip the jump.

Later, when I was planning my vacation, I decided to jump anyway. If you crave for something, you should make it come true. I did it, and I got the most incredible emotions in my life. This deed helped me to become more self-confident.

Inna Neshtenko, Finance Specialist at Gamingtec
A parachute jump

In future, I would like to try paragliding and… driving a car. It seems to me, in Kyiv driving is rather extreme, too.

  • This is great! What is your brain food?

I love reading. Mostly, I put attention on psychology books. The world of numbers is so precise and unambiguous. When you study mathematics, you tend to see only black and white. On the other hand, psychology provides you with food for thought. Studying a human being, you always have what to think about, analyze, you can do some soul-searching and understand other people better.

For those who work in the business area, I recommend reading “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B.Cialdini. This book helps to understand how marketing strategies work, and what makes customers act in a certain way.

  • What advice can you give to girls that want to try themselves in IT?

I would like to assure them that it is not scary. Job in IT provides a lot of opportunities to achieve great results, invest in yourself and in your knowledge and experience. Do not doubt yourself. Try and you will have nothing to regret. You can find a great team spirit in an IT company, you will work surrounded by people that are ready to support you. Your job will turn into a hobby. That`s great, isn`t it?

*State Higher Educational Institution “Ukrainian Academy of Banking”

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