How to keep your IT team motivated? 5 Tips from our IT project manager

The biggest challenge for a project manager is to keep their team motivated, inspired and ready to go forward. IT Project Manager at Gamingtec, shares tips that help him to achieve this goal.

Working on new iGaming solutions, his team is looking for best ways to make the Gamingtec platform more convenient and improve customer service through the use of new technologies. He says, “I am proud of my professional and high-qualified team. We are brainstorming, training, taking on different challenges and issues. It can be complicated sometimes, but it is never boring.”

Working on this article, he offered his team to talk about their own experience and make a list of what keeps them enthusiastic and encourages them in their daily routine. You may find the answers below.

1. Providing the team with decent compensation which allows maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

2. Being at the cutting edge of current technology and practices.

3. Working in collaboration with competent colleagues is more fruitful than freelancing.

4. Successfully solving non-trivial tasks.

5. Observing the result of their own work throughout the year.

Coffee break at Gamingtec

Our IT manager has his own list of tips on how to keep a team motivated which he has framed through his own experience. And, in fact, it intersects a lot with the team’s requests.

  1. Provide effective communication on different levels

To keep the team united, it is important to hear all voices and establish a lively dialog in the community. There are various types of communication that can be initiated: one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, knowledge sharing, and regular efficient retrospective sessions. On wide company retreats, there is a good opportunity for the team to talk to colleagues from other departments, relax, and have fun together.

2. Keep management limited

To achieve great results, let your team members offer their own solutions, discuss them with others, and implement them. When people tend to be self-organized and have opportunities for making their own decisions, they are more involved in the working process and urge to influence it and make it more effective.

3. Strive to form a band, a family, a clan, a tribe, or a nation (depends on company size)

Mitigate conflicts, compromise while being fair, and be a role model. Support and accept newcomers, integrate them into the team, but let introverts keep their private space protected.

4. Exercise transparency in work and team relationships

Explain why the task is needed, what the outcome would be. Why someone was hired or fired, what are the red flags. Provide clarification and justification for sudden priority changes.

5. Provide constant “business-side” information updates

Share high-level plans for 6–12 months ahead. Do not let the minds of the team members steer in the wrong direction and avoid situations that may push them to excogitate business reasoning behind certain decisions.

Following these tips covers the basics in motivating the team. Good idea to focus on those tactics that work better to achieve greater levels of growth and productivity.

Due to the quarantine restrictions, our team has been working remotely for eight months already. We reflected on our experience and found out at least four reasons to miss Gamingtec office.



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