Happy Birthday, Gamingtec! 7 facts about us

Today we are celebrating the 7th anniversary of Gamingtec, and we would like to share seven facts you may not know yet about our company. Here we go!

Fact №1. There are already 28 girls in Gamingtec, and we are looking forward to see more female specialists in our team. Moreover, we have launched a charitable project Stem is Fem to motivate Ukrainian girls to study mathematics and engineering. We have already held three educational modules which were supported by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine and leading IT companies, such as Google, Beetroot, and Global Logic.

Fact №2. In 2019, we welcomed 12 new teammates in Gamingtec — talented developers, PSP managers, marketers, and other specialists — and all of them not only boost the company, but also help the company pursue the goal faster and more effective. We are happy to be a team of like-minded people and… cat lovers, as well. ’Cause what makes us stay together is more than just a business, it is a sense of community and common purpose.

Fact №3. Why do we love Gamingtec? There are at least 14 little things that make us happy at work.

1. Friendly atmosphere

2. International team

3. Decision-making autonomy

4. Value every voice’s contribution

5. Constructive feedback

6. Brainstorming sessions

7. Flexible working hours

8. Two lovely cats

9. Tasty coffee

10. Weekly gym

11. Table tennis during a lunch break

12. Friday movie clubs

13. Summer retreat

14. Accomplishing challenges and get excited to get over new ones.

Fact №4. In our company, there are specialists from nine countries across the world. We speak different languages, live in various time zones, celebrate Orthodox and Catholic holidays, order a special menu on corporate parties to satisfy everyone. We believe that our strength is in our differences, in a multicultural dialogue and flexibility.

Fact №5. Sport is probably the best way to learn how to be a team, help each other, cheer up yourself and others and — the most important — never give up. Our team spent 96 hours in the gym last year and participated in Kyiv Half Marathon. This year we are going to run again. Ten participants from Gamingtec have already passed the registration to the Anniversary 10th Kyiv Half Marathon.

Fact №6. We believe that continuous education is the best way to get better results and improve ourselves. Every member of Gamingtec team can attend workshops, iGaming exhibitions, and conferences to upgrade his/her skills. We encourage people to educate themselves and to participate in Gamingtec Educational Foundation. That is why we provide our team with an opportunity to win a fully paid training course in any field a person is interested in.

Fact №7. Our team regularly attends biggest industry exhibitions, such as ICE London, CasinoBeats Summit and Betting on Sports, and SIGMA. We are always happy to meet our partners and old friends there and agree on new collaborations, aw well.

Independent software platform provider. We offer complex turnkey solutions to B2B iGaming partners.

Independent software platform provider. We offer complex turnkey solutions to B2B iGaming partners.