Сelebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science, let’s give the floor to women working in the iGaming industry. We’ve asked representatives of Rootz and Gamingtec to share their stories on how they overcome their challenges and became successful in their career paths.

More and more women have decided to make their futures in tech but the gaming industry is still a male-dominated world that can be daunting at times. How do young ladies choose their career, and what defining moments are they particularly proud of? Read ahead to hear more from these inspiring women.

As a child, every…

WordPress Developer at Gamingtec, shares his ideas about the necessity of work automation in the project and explains the benefits of it for the team members and working process.

What is automation and why is it used?

Work automation is a way of completing repetitive tasks that is time-saving, cost-effective, and useful to increase productivity. Minimal human assistance is beneficial for projects in cases when it reduces the number of mistakes and speeds up operations.

Speaking about automation, I would like to highlight three key points:

- It is not an “out-of-the-box solution.” Automation requires individual solutions and involves using different tools that are continuously improved (upgraded).

Two years ago, our CMO headed the Marketing Department at Gamingtec. Since then, her team has grown from one employee to a full team of professionals and started to resolve complicated tasks and support B2B client`s projects at a completely new qualitative level.

She shares 5 key principles that help her to manage the team and create a friendly and supportive environment in the department.

  1. Build a trust-based relationship

The main value is mutual trust and confidence in the professional quality of every team member. If a person gets the job in my department, it means I am absolutely confident…

The biggest challenge for a project manager is to keep their team motivated, inspired and ready to go forward. IT Project Manager at Gamingtec, shares tips that help him to achieve this goal.

Working on new iGaming solutions, his team is looking for best ways to make the Gamingtec platform more convenient and improve customer service through the use of new technologies. He says, “I am proud of my professional and high-qualified team. We are brainstorming, training, taking on different challenges and issues. It can be complicated sometimes, but it is never boring.”

Working on this article, he offered his…

Evhen Chizh, winner of Gamingtec Education Foundation

If you have a dream, you have an opportunity to make it true with help of Gamingtec Education Foundation (GEF). Twice a year, Gamingtec holds a competition with a great prize — a full refund for a workshop, educational or training course. This time, a jury has received 13 applications with inspirational ideas, and now they are ready to announce the winning project!

GEF is an educational initiative that motivates the team to study or try something new. Most frequently, applicants choose extreme sports or original hobbies, and this time it was no exception. Among the ideas, there were: tattoo…

Interview with finance specialist at Gamingtec

  • How long have you been working in the company?

I have been working in Gamingtec for more than three years already. This is my third job, and I am absolutely satisfied with it.

  • Tell me about your previous working experience? Where did you start your career?

I got my first job in a German bank right after graduation from the Academy of Banking.* Then, I got a position at Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” audit organizations in the world. It seemed to be a brilliant start of the career, the Ukrainian banking system…

How Gamingtec team started to work from home
How Gamingtec team started to work from home

Gamingtec team has been working remotely for two months already due to the quarantine restrictions. It’s time to reflect on this experience and discuss the challenges we have faced.

COVID-19 is a test the whole world is trying to pass with minimum losses of their own. There are no tutorials on how to survive in a pandemic situation when most of the countries locked down. Starting a quarantine in the middle of March, our team couldn’t imagine it was going to take so long. We have organized a workflow and moved communication to the online mode.

At some point, it…

Gamingtec Book Tips: 3 Books Written by CEO’s
Gamingtec Book Tips: 3 Books Written by CEO’s

Reading books is one of the best ways not only to increase intelligence but also to lower stress level. Staying at home and working remotely, most of us got extra time, so why not use it for quality reading? Here are three encouraging stories recommended by the Gamingtec booklovers about the development of the world`s largest corporations: learn more about careers of CEO’s of Starbucks, Nike, and Zappos and what helped them to solve challenges at work.

1. Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time by Howard Schultz

This is a story…

Gamingtec Education Foundation
Anna Yerastova, Designer at Gamingtec

Gamingtec Education Foundation is a great opportunity for all employees of the company to win a fully paid training course in any field of human activity. We hold GEF cycles twice per year, and we are ready to announce the winning project.

The corporate educational initiative was launched at Gamingtec three years ago to encourage employees to study something new or try an inspirational hobby. It allows our employees to develop skills and achieve ambitious goals. This time fourteen applicants took part in the cycle and ten of them passed the first sift. …

Today we are celebrating the 7th anniversary of Gamingtec, and we would like to share seven facts you may not know yet about our company. Here we go!

Fact №1. There are already 28 girls in Gamingtec, and we are looking forward to see more female specialists in our team. Moreover, we have launched a charitable project Stem is Fem to motivate Ukrainian girls to study mathematics and engineering. We have already held three educational modules which were supported by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine and leading IT companies, such as Google, Beetroot, and Global Logic.

Fact №2…


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